Brad Blaze has provided keynotes into creativity, brand building and transformation for companies and at conferences around the world.



The Art of Transformation (45-60 minute keynote)

Whether you are a small company or a large organisation, you need to be in a state of transformation to continue to grow.  Businesses are changing faster than ever and future growth prospects can mean becoming a 'transformer' business - a business ready to innovate according to clients needs or develop solutions in new markets.  In this entertaining presentation, Brad Blaze uses his artwork as a visual metaphor changing one artwork into another and provides you with the tools enabling you to seek out these opportunities.  He'll look at case studies and what these 'transformer' businesses have in common with one another that allow them to be leaders in their field.

It goes without saying that Brad Blaze is not your typical keynote speaker - high energy, passion, excitement and knowledge is delivered onstage dressed in his paint vesture.